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Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki uses the symbols of the Ogham (a/k/a the Celtic alphabet) - an ancient language of symbols. Each symbol is representative of a particular aspect of nature, mainly different trees. The energy of each of these aspects of nature are brought into the session according to the client's needs on the day of the session.

Some of the trees that are represented are oak, hawthorn, holly, hazel, apple, fir, poplar, yew, gorse, heather, elder, blackthorn, reed, ivy, willow, vine, birch, rowan, alder, willow, and ash - each bringing their own energy into a session.

We select only those energies that are needed at the time.

A brief history of the Druids may help in the understanding of how Celtic Reiki was developed. The Druids were part of the priest caste within the Celtic culture. They were believed to be the only ones who had direct communication with the gods and goddesses of the Celtic culture and therefore their authority was even higher than that of the kings. Druids wore long robes and had long beards. In fact, Merlin, the famous magician of King Arthur's court, is believed to have been a Druid.


The Druids are the people credited with having built Stonehenge and other great monolithic structures. The word Druid is believed to be derived from the word "oak" and "truth". The Druids had a close affinity with nature, and trees in particular. They believed that trees were inhabited by spirits or had spirits of their own. Thus, trees were considered living entities, possessed with infinite knowledge and wisdom and that they had a healing influence on humans. Attributes of these trees had practical values to groups of people and it is these attributes that are being brought into the healing modality of Celtic Reiki. For example, the birch tree embodies fertility, healing, new beginnings, and rebirth because it is one of the first trees to grow on bare soil. The ash tree embodies the energies associated with stability and strength. Each tree within the Ogham has a specific energy signature and Celtic Reiki taps into these energies during the Reiki session.


Some of these energies have cleansing and healing properties while others have strengthening properties. Still others have energies association with manifestation. Celtic Reiki is unique in that it can provide a healing session formulated for an individual in a very special way. Because Celtic Reiki is an earth-energy form of Reiki, the energy is channeled up through the base chakra, rather than drawn down through the head (as in Usui Reiki). At this point in time, the entire system of Celtic Reiki is not fully realized but evolving.


In the meantime, the experience of a Celtic Reiki session can be quite powerful and is unique to an individual's needs. Celtic Reiki symbols can be combined in order to create new energies. The vibration can be likened to a "forest" of energy - unique, comprised of different combinations of tree energies.


Let's look at at an example of how a Celtic Reiki session might be applied. A person may have lost his/her way in life. S/he is unable to see a way forward and is only able to look to the near future for answers rather than seeing the entire long-term picture. S/he may eventually reach a point where his/her way of thinking causes him/her to feel stuck. A Celtic Reiki Master places an appropriate combination of energies into a "sentence". In the scenario given above, the following "sentence" might be used in is person's Celtic Reiki session (each step using a different Celtic Reiki energy signature):

1. Finding one's way through the "labyrinth"

2. Seeing the bigger picture

3. Clearing the mental confusion

4. Finding the truth

5. Creating a sanctuary

6. Creating stillness

7. Increasing the power of the treatment


Celtic Reiki is a healing modality that is full of potential and is seemingly limitless in the ways it can be used to help an individual achieve health and well-being. Its strength lies in these limitless possibilities. And, because the system is evolving, more is yet to be discovered - translating to more and more possibilities for health and healing.

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