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Our Sense-Able Nature:

Mindful Re-Connecting with Nature Activity Cards

by Kate Trnka

This deck of cards is designed to engage each of your 54 Natural Senses* - bringing you back to your natural state of well-being.

(The picture to the right is a sample of one of the cards. The back of the card lists a nature re-connecting activity that you can do yourself, with your family, students, or patients/clients - followed by reflective writing and/or mindful dialogue questions. )

We spend so much of our life indoors disengaged with the natural world. As a result, our culture is plagued with mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances (i.e. excessive stress, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.) that can easily be brought back into balance once we reconnect with the natural world...the world we've been too busy ignoring. We can no longer afford to be disconnected and we need to acknowledge and re-engage all of our senses. This deck of cards provides easy-to-apply activities to help you get there.

This set includes 75 re-connecting with nature activity cards and 'The Guide' in a burlap drawstring pouch.

Shipping charges are quite costly outside of the continental U.S. The shipped cost established on the link below is for shipping to continental United States only. Please email us for cost of shipping outside of the continental U.S.

* The list of 54 senses was developed by Dr. Michael J. Cohen

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Our Sense-Able Nature (shipping to U.S. only)
Our Sense-Able Nature (+$23 shipping to Mexico and Canada)
Our Sense-Able Nature (+$31 shipping to Australia and Netherlands)
Our Sense-Able Nature (+$28 shipping to the Germany, France and the UK)

“I can feel Kate’s love of nature and the heartbeat of nature in her work.” ​- Joanna Macy (author of "World As Lover, World As Self" and root teacher of "The Work That Reconnects")

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