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Before you buy or build your new home, remodel, redecorate or landscape...

                    call me!

Achieve balance and harmony within your surroundings with Feng Shui. Call Kate now to set up your consultation. (920) 378-3999

Is Your Home Reflecting Your Ideal Life?

If you're wishing for a shift in some aspect of your life, a Feng Shui consultation could assist you. How and what we include in our home (or business) - including placement of furniture, color, shape - all influence us on an energetic level. A trained Feng Shui practitioner can assist you in making adjustments, or what is known as "cures" for each of the nine areas of your life: career/life path, self-knowledge, family, abundance, reputation, relationship, creativity, helpful people and health. And, what's really cool about technology these days is that often I can provide some of my services remotely if you have a way of sending me videos or walking me through your property while we're on a Zoom call. I admit, I do prefer to do this in-person whenever possible so I can get a real sense of the overall energy of a place.

What can I expect during a consultation?

When I come to your home we will first discuss your wishes for your life. What's working well? What's not working? *

I'll ask you if you'd like me to provide a space clearing which is an energetic clearing of unseen energies that may be affecting your living space. Then we'll take a tour of your home as well as walk around your property outside. If you've decided to go ahead with the space clearing, I'll do that next. Then, you and I will walk through your home and I'll point out areas that need addressing based on the goals you have for your life. Normally, all of this takes about 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the length of our conversations and/or the amount of time it takes to do the energy clearing. A house blessing is an add-on service I provide at the end of a session. I like to think of it as a personal trainer for your home (or business). So, if you're looking for a change in your life, in your home, or in your business give me a call. Below is a menu of the services I provide.

Clutter Busting

(a/k/a Tidying Up)

This is the first step in the Feng Shui process. If your personal space is not in the best of shape in terms of clutter (items that don't bring you joy, broken items, clothes that don't fit, etc.) then let's do something about it!  It's often difficult to do this on your own because, as humans, we tend to attach our emotions to objects. Because I don't have a personal attachment to your objects I will ask you questions as we will go through various items in your home to see if they still belong in your life. I will help you sort out what needs to stay and what can be released. I've been doing this for years. Often, we do this in layers so that it's not a huge shock to one's system. This is the first step before putting any Feng Shui cures into place so that the space is free and clear of unwanted, non-useful or unhealthy items. As my teacher H.H. Grand Master Lin Yun once said in his own words (I'm paraphrasing here) - Putting Feng Shui cures into place before clearing your clutter is like putting on a wedding dress (or tux) without showering first. Think about that. How would it feel to put on beautiful clothes without first ensuring the cleanliness of your body? Give your home the same courtesy and tidy it up yourself, or, you can hire me to help you with the process.

Basic Feng Shui Consultation

This includes a personal Feng Shui consultation (inside and outside of your home) for up to 3 hours in length. We'll go through your property and I'll provide you with potential Feng Shui "cures" that will enhance the way your place feels - bringing balance and peace to the various aspects of your life. See paragraph above to learn more.

If you'd like an electronic summary of the consultation, one can be provided for an additional $125 (see option below).

* If your home needs a large-scale tidying up, that will need to be done before any cures are put into place. Don't worry, I provide that service as well. (See Clutter Busting above.)

Space Clearing

A space clearing is a service that rids your space of any unseen energies that are not in harmony with your living space. I will go through your property and balance any incongruent energies that may be present.  Although this can often take place during a basic Feng Shui consultation (provided it can be done within the 3-hour time frame of the Feng Shui consultation) it is offered here as a stand-alone or add-on service.

House or Business Blessing Ceremony

A house blessing is a ceremony for your home. The ceremony is designed to bring in the energies (peace, love, abundance, etc.) you desire for yourself, your family, friends and your home itself.  The ceremony is done only after you've had a space clearing in order to ensure that any unbalanced or unwanted energies have already been addressed. A house blessing certificate can also be included as part of this service, please ask for details when making your appointment.

Space Clearing/House Blessing Package

This is a package that provides both services - a space clearing and house blessing (see the two services to the left). It includes up to three hours of in-person service time and is a wonderful way to release unwanted energies and bring in the energies you want in your life.

What my clients are saying

Thank you again for your positive thoughts and great ideas. You can't imagine the incredible positive impact that your visit had on us. The timing was perfect, and since then I have had an awesome sense of calm that I haven't had for a year or two. I thought it might help that you have made a difference in our lives.

Jen and Clint

Thank you so much for your help in bringing light and energy into my home and subsequently my life.


There's no question Feng Shui works. It's not something they (customers) notice. It feels like an easy place to walk through. I can tell the difference between now and when we didn't have things arranged the way they should have been and people stopped at certain places and didn't feel comfortable progressing any further into the store. Now people are all over and stay longer. I think that customers notice it, but don't realize what it is that they're feeling.

Barbara, Shop owner

Thank you for your assistance in laying out our first practice. This is an exciting time and I'm glad to have your thoughtful insights in how best to arrange the space. It is a lot of fun to see how the subtle (and not so subtle) changes make such a large difference. You make a tremendous difference in our business, personal and relationship success!

Dr. of Chiropractic

Thank you for your help today. Thank you for your peaceful energy,

Thank you for your knowledge and understanding.

Thank you for your good energy and thank you for your presence.


Thank you. My apartment has been much more pleasant since I have made the changes you recommended. You have a spirit that leaves me happy every time I see you. I look forward to working with you in the "bright" future ahead. Again, thanks.

Tammy, small business owner

I noticed changes the same day you were here! It feels soooo much better now.


Kate receiving a blessing from H.H. Grand Master Lin Yun

Grand Master of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui

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