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Connecting with the Natural World

Mindfully Re-Connecting With Nature Workshop

Kate will explain to your group why being connected to the natural world is important to our health, productivity and well-being. She will introduce you to the science that supports these benefits while engaging your group in the out-of-doors; using mindful reconnecting with nature activity cards to help get you started.




Call to reserve your workshop today! Or, if you prefer you may email Kate.


Compassionate Integrity Training:

A Secular Ethics Approach to Cultivating Human Values

Unlike some definitions of integrity that focus on mere consistency with one’s values, without examining what those values are, compassionate integrity insists that consistency with one’s values is not enough if those values promote harm to oneself, others, or the world. Instead, maintaining and increasing consistency with one’s values is most beneficial when they are values that promote one’s own well-being as well as that of others. As to what those values are and how we understand them, this is arrived at by investigating and examining things for oneself, using common sense, common experience, and science. Compassionate integrity is, therefore, not something achieved merely as a result of wishful thinking or force of will, but rather as the result of building up knowledge, understanding, and a set of concrete skills. Because compassionate integrity is what guards against actions that compromise the well-being of oneself and others, cultivating it in one’s life and in one’s community directly impacts individual and collective flourishing. For more information about CIT, visit the CIT website.

Compassionate Integrity Training

Bring Kate in to help you...

As a former public school educator, Kate is the perfect person to bring to your group or organization to help provide  high quality information and tools for successfully implementing the goals of compassion for self, others and help you discover how to incorporate compassion into your  systems.

Contact Kate for more information

Kate Trnka, Eco-Spiritual Leader
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