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Feng Shui Classes

Let me know if your workplace, school, organization or group of friends would like me to lead a class (or two) on Feng Shui. I love doing these!

Here are a couple of testimonials to share with you:

 "I would like to thank you for your Feng Shui presentation at our meeting. It was a new topic for many of our members and we always enjoy learning something new. The handout was helpful to serve as a take-home reference item. Perhaps the best part of the presentation was your warm natural style of speaking to groups. I received many positive comments in that regard." - Sandy

"Thank you so much for coming in to talk to my classes. They were really fascinated in what you had to say. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge of Feng Shui." - Interior Design teacher

"Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge on Feng Shui! I learned a lot and enjoyed all the things you taught us. I am trying to declutter my room right now and try to follow your Bagua diagram. Thanks for the helpful hints."  - interior design student

"I've learned so much from you. I made changes in my bedroom and it feels great! I actually feel the differences." - class participant

"The presentation given in our fashion and design class was outstanding! I learned how to create a balance in my room by the different elements (wood, fire, water, metal and earth). I will be able to apply this in my room by creating a balance of energy and make my room a more relaxing and enjoyable environment.  I really enjoyed learning about Feng Shui." - student

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