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Solfeggio Frequencies Therapy

Experience the wonderful health benefits of the Solfeggio frequencies. You will be introduced to these frequencies in a warm, comfortable, peaceful environment.  Each frequency brings about a different benefit to your well-being. 

174 Hz - Foundational Frequency

285 Hz - Quantam Cognition

396 Hz — Releases Fear

417 Hz — Eases and Initiates Change

528 Hz — Healing and DNA Repair

639 Hz — Harmonizes Relationships

741 Hz — Finding Creative Expression and Solutions

852 Hz — Awakens Intuition

963 Hz - Numinous Accord

You will be lying down on a massage table wearing wireless noise-canceling headphones which will play the frequencies for you providing a nice environment for you to experience these harmonics. Each session is approximately 90 minutes. Cost is $45

Call Kate to schedule your Solfeggio experience.


One Session


One 90-minute session​

For those who need a touch-up

1 hr session

One Session


3-sessio​n package

For those who need a touch-up

1 hr session

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