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Clutter Busting Class

Clearing Clutter image

We all have it - that stuff that takes up space in our home - no longer serving a purpose or bringing pleasant feelings when we see it. These things are considered clutter. The more clutter we have the more congested our lives become. This two hour class is designed to help you get started on the task of de-cluttering your home, a/k/a tidying up. It's an important first step in shifting the energy of your home. Ensuring your home is free of unwanted and non-useful items clears the way for new energies to appear in your life - those you welcome in - because you've created the space for that to happen. Kate will hep you recognize patterns of clutter and help your understand the importance of clearing out what you do not need. Learn how you may unknowingly be sabotaging areas of your life because of your need to "collect, packrat and save"! This class is not about "getting rid" of everything, but is about creating space for new opportunities! $18/person. Minimum of 8 participants.

Call Kate to schedule a class for your group or organization, (920) 378-3999.

Feng Shui Basics - The Chinese Art of Placement

The Feng Shui Bagua

If you want to learn how to keep the energy in your home, office or even your car flowing in the right direction, take this three hour class which introduces you to the basics of Feng Shui including learning about Ch'i, the Bagua, the Five Elements, and some basic Feng Shui cures. Attending this session will give you the basics to get started on bringing harmony, health and prosperity to your home and your life. $27/person, minimum of 6 participants.

More Feng Shui (Part 2) - Feng Shui Cures, Floor Plans, and the I Ching

Feng Shui Remedies/Cures

In this second of a two-part series, Kate will discuss in more detail the ideas found within the art of Feng Shui. You will have already learned about the Bagua, ch'i, the five elements and basic cures. Now Kate will provide you with more cures, give you a brief diagnosis of your floor plan and show you how your own I Ching readings can guide and enhance your life. The I Ching is the foundation of Feng Shui since it speaks of the cycles of changes that occur in our lives. Learning about the I Ching and its ancient oracles will help you face complicated, challenging and confusing situations the we can sometimes fin ourselves a part of. Get a group together today and bring copies of your floor plans. $27/person, minimum of 6 participants.

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